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As the coronavirus spreads across the world, many people are on the brink of collapse from helpless and hopeless. We believe that magnetic therapy is a complementary, non-invasive, natural therapy that has few side effects to help those people to keep healthier. It fits comfortably within the category of alternative medicine alongside acupuncture, homeopathy and even hypnotherapy. Therefore we works with one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of magnets and has done so for over 20 years to develop and product the magnetic items like bracelet, rings, and necklace as well as the energy stones and crystal products to the people who need them eagerly.

From 2021 till now, the strength of feeling encouraged by millions of customers gives us the idea to carry out this FREE PROJECT to help those impoverished people who suffer from pain, stress and insomnia. We hope the people we help can get healthier and inner peace from these exquisite and warm gifts.

Virus divides us, but it brings us together even more closely and make us stronger!